Facility & Equipment

Texas Academy of Acrobatics and Gymnastics is a two-story, 21,000 square feet, climate-controlled facility located at 7310 Breda Dr. in Baytown, Texas. We have three separate gym spaces, a foam pit and a dance room to serve the needs of our gymnasts of all ages and abilities including advanced optional level artistic gymnasts and elite acrobats. Our upstairs gym features all of the equipment at the pint size level for our little ones. 

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Viewing areas and complimentary Wi-Fi are available for parents. 

Main Gym


Main Gym



Foam Pit


Upstairs - Little Gym



Back Gym


Back Gym


Main Gym - Bars




Dance Room


Music Room

Joel Davis offers piano, guitar & ukulele lessons. Contact him directly at (386) 466-4036.


Conference Room






Snack Bar








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