TAAG Programs

Parent & Tot

We offer Parent & Tot classes for toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years old and potty trained!

This program is designed for toddlers accompanied by a parent. In 45 minutes, parents assist their child in developing strength, motor skills, hand eye coordination, basic mobility and social skills through fun gymnastics activities. Tots rotate between activities on the floor, bars, balance beam, trampoline, and climbing wall. Tots and parents share all the excitement as they work together as partners.

Girls Gymnastics

Our gymnastics program starts with beginner classes based on age. All gymnastics classes include instruction on springboard, vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. As your child's skill level increases, we'll move them up to the next level class. Classes are designed to be exciting and fun while maintaining a safe, disciplined environment.

Little Dippers - 3-4 years - must be potty trained!
Rising Stars - 5-6 years
Bronze Stars - 7-10 years
Teen Gym - 11-16 years



Boys Gymnastics

Our gymnastics program starts with beginner classes based on age. Boys are instructed in basic gymnastics skills in all of the men's Olympic gymnastics events: parallel bars, high bar, rings, pommel horse, vault, and floor. This positive experience will help them in any other sport they decide to do in the future. 

4 year old boys must attend a Saturday Parent & Tot class to be evaluated for Orbits.

Orbits - 5 to 7 years
Comets - 8 to 10 years
Rockets - 10+


We offer tumbling classes for all skill levels starting at age 5. Tumbling classes are 50-60 minutes of training on floor skills and tumble trak. We teach tumbling with proper form in mind and start with basic skills like forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, etc. Once these milestones are achieved, athletes will move up into more advanced tumbling classes.

Rising Stars Tumbling - 5-6 years
Prerequisites: None
Learning:rolls, bridge, handstand, cartwheel, round-off

Introductory - 7+ 
Prerequisites: None
Learning: rolls, bridge, handstand, cartwheel, round-off

Beginning I - 7+
Prerequisites: All introductory skills
Learning: limbers, walkovers, running round-off, flip-flop

Beginning II - 7+
Prerequisites: Unassisted standing flip-flop, assisted flip-flop series
Learning: Round-off flip-flop, round-off flip-flop series

Intermediate - 7+
Prerequisites: Standing series, Round-off flip-flop 
Learning: Punch front, standing back tuck, round-off back tuck, round off flip-flop back tuck

Advanced - 7+
Prerequisites: All intermediate skills - unassisted
Learning: Round-off flip-flop layout, Round-off flip-flop full, connections

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a partner sport where athletes work together to perform balance and dynamic skills. We offer acro classes for beginners a few times a year based on interest. Please contact us if your child is interested in trying out an acrobatics class. 


Private Lessons

You don't have to be enrolled in a class to be eligible for private lessons but your athlete's $48 annual membership must be current. Private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach and are paid in cash directly to the coach at the time of your lesson. Group private lessons are available upon request and group fees can be negotiated with the coach.

$30 - 30 minute lesson
$60 - 1 hour

Daytime Classes

Please check our schedule for AM classes offered on Tuesday & Thursday mornings for preschoolers and homeschoolers. We will open a new class to better accommodate you if we have 3 or more athletes to enroll.

Music Lessons

We're proud to partner with Joel Davis to offer piano, guitar & ukulele lessons out of our facility. Classes are taught using a commercial style approach. This proven method ensures students will be playing sooner, while enjoying the journey to musical success!

$85 / month - Students receive one 30 minute lesson each week.

Please contact Joel directly at (386) 466-4036 or joedavy4@hotmail.com for scheduling & more information.

Martial Arts

We're proud to partner with Jim Lopez to offer MMA, Parkour and Taekwondo lessons out of our facility. Please contact Jim directly at 346-757-8873 for pricing and scheduling.

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